For when you need to refer to them, here are the new rules of play, based on advice from Badminton England as well as advice from your committee (updated 13/05/2021). It’s essential you familiarise yourself and adhere to them whenever you attend:

  1. You cannot just show up – you must book a slot to play (look out for emails from Linda) and it’s first come, first served.
  2. You’ll be assigned to a group of 6 (max) players who you will play singles or double matches with, on the same court, for the evening. You must not leave this group to play in another. You will be given an optional handicap to use for singles matches and the group will have a tube of shuttles to use for the evening.
  3. Full court play is permitted but communicate with your partner throughout to avoid any on-court contact.
  4. There is no access to the balcony or changing rooms (but you can use the toilets). Where possible we ask you to wait and socialise outside or sit on your own group bench between games (continuing to respect social distancing). A facemask must be worn when not playing.
  5. Please do not bring bags into the hall. Just bring your racket, drink (labelled if necessary) and hand sanitiser. The club will have some sanitiser available in case anyone forgets.
  6. Each evening there will be a COVID officer (a member of the committee) who will open all doors (where possible) and wipe down surfaces, net posts, benches etc. at the start and end of the evening – try to avoid touching these surfaces.